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Event Publicity Request

Event Publicity at the RRC

Thank you for scheduling your event at the RRC. If you would like to publicize your event, we offer the following complimentary options.

This service is for events hosted at the RRC only.

RRC Website: Currently we offer Upcoming Event Listings on the RRC web site. This provides a space for a small description of your event and any reservation/requirements for attendance.

Plasma display: We have monitors with rotating slides displaying RRC  upcoming events. If you wish to submit any graphics, please be aware any graphics file submitted might be altered to conform with display screen dimensions and the guidelines of the Texas State Office of University Marketing. (PDF is preferred. All pre-made PowerPoint slides should be sized horizontally at 16 x 9 inches.)

Please fill out all of the information you would like your event information to be published.

Where would you like your event information posted?