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Student Organization Reservation Form

Would you like to advertise your event? *
Room Preference

* If your event is catered, the catering service has to be obtained from the food service contractor or from other catering services, if approved and included on the annual list of the university approved caterers. See the current list of Texas State approved caterers.

If you are planning on offering items for sale, please download and complete the Soliciation Request form. It must be returned to Alyssa Kroeker (512-716-4023) a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event.

If you are planning on serving or selling food, please download and complete the Food Waiver Form. It must be returned to Alyssa Kroeker (512.716.4023) a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event.

FACILITIES. With the exception of the conference rooms, each room is equipped with a data projector, PC with Video/DVD/CD player and internet access, screen(s), whiteboards and an Elmo or an overhead.  The classrooms and lecture room have 5 ft and 6 ft tables with chairs, the teaching theatre has theatre-style seating with tables in front of each row of seats, and each conference room has one conference table with chairs. The seminar classrooms have individual desk-chair style seating.

CONFIRMATION. Acceptance of this form does not constitute a confirmation of your request. A confirmation of the date, time, room number and charges (if any) will be sent to the contact person via email. It is the contact person’s responsibility to notify the RRC at of any corrections or additions that need to be made to the confirmation.
ASSIGNMENT OF ROOMS. RRC reserves the right to reassign rooms if necessary. As an institute of higher education, our students and classes are our first priority. If an academic need arises necessitating use of a reserved room, we will make every effort to relocate, reschedule or refund your event.
CHARGES. The list of room charges is available here. All charges will be included in the confirmation. However, should additional charges need to be made, they will be reflected on your invoice.
PAYMENT: The complete fee is due no later than 48 hours prior to the date of the event as Cash or a Check. Checks should be made payable to Texas State University and can be mailed to Texas State University Round Rock Campus, Room 401F, 1555 University Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665.
CANCELLATIONS. Notice of a cancellation must be received no later than 48 hours prior to the date of the event. Failure to cancel a room reservation may result in a $20.00 cancellation fee.
RESPONSIBILITY OF DEPARTMENT/ORGANIZATION. It is expected that you will exercise proper care of the facility, furniture and media equipment. Make sure all trash is properly disposed of and not left on tables and chairs.
PARKING. Every vehicle parked on the Round Rock Campus must display a valid Texas State parking permit for special events. When a special parking pass is required, please make sure the information is noted in the comments on the Room Reservation Request Form.

ALTERATIONS AND DAMAGES. The student organization/reserving party shall use reasonable diligence in care of the assigned room, its furnishings and in the facility’s common areas. The student organization/reserving party may not make alterations to University property without the specific written consent of the RRC director or designee. The student organization/reserving party agrees to pay for damage caused to University property as a result of negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse. Payment is due upon demand. If the identity of the person responsible for damages cannot be determined after investigation, the RRC director or designee may prorate the cost to repair the damages and administrative fees among all or any portion of the reserving party, as is deemed fair.